The dishes on our menu are carefully selected with traditional Moroccan cuisine in mind. Moroccan cuisine is considered to be one of the world's most multifaceted, as Morocco's food culture has been influenced by countless peoples over the centuries - and now also the Danish one.

Moroccan brunch every day from 10 am - 14 pm

Charmella egg (moroccan tomato sauce with egg), cocktail of sausages, m'semen with honey, baghrir with amlu (moroccan pancake with almond spread), springroll, yogourt with granola, hummus with bread, fruit, salat, butter, marinated olives, bread and a glass of fresh orange juice


Put together your own salad from our delicious selection of fresh Moroccan salads and specialties

Hot food in tagine

every day from 14 pm

Every day we offer a hot Moroccan specialty, which we prepare and serve in a real Moroccan tagine. The dishes vary from day to day, so come in and see what the tagine contains today. On Fridays, however, you can always count on an authentic Moroccan couscous.

Drinks and desserts