South Harbour Café

Hospitality and joy

Behind South Harbor Café are 2 entrepreneurial sisters, Jamila and Khadija. From day one, our mission with the café has been to give our guests unique experiences with our Moroccan food and hospitality. We want the South Harbor Café to be our guests' second home in Sydhavnen. With us, we welcome everyone with homemade Moroccan food, as our beloved mama prepared it. Everything is made with love - from scratch and with the freshest ingredients. 

With our café, we want to celebrate hospitality and bring people together around homemade Moroccan food. We have a genuine interest in people, and we also want to make a real difference to as many people as possible. Among other things, we also help people who want to enter the labor market to gain new skills, experience and networks, so that they have the opportunity for jobs and self-support. We do this concretely by, for example, offering job courses in a structured, safe and appreciative learning environment. We make an effort every day to share both charity and experiences. And hopefully spread joy like rings in the water.

We look forward to welcoming you with us! See our menu here.

The story behind the name

The café's name is not only inspired by the café's location. We chose the name South Harbor because our family originally traveled from Morocco up through Europe and ultimately settled in precisely Sydhavnen.

The café's international character is emphasized by the English version of the name of the good old Copenhagen district. The word "harbour" simultaneously represents a place where ships bring new input from the wider world and other ships sail out from home with new things for the world. And exactly the kind of exchange, inspiration and development we would like to contribute to here at South Harbor Café.